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About Us

We are part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA) which is an International nonprofit educational organization devoted to the study of pre-17th century western culture.  The society concentrates on the European Middle Ages and Renaissance, and members work to recreate the arts and skills of this era. We are a barony of the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Our Barony comprises a large portion of Southwestern Virginia from Staunton in the north to Hillsville in the South, east to Lynchburg and west to Bland, Tazewell, and even parts of Smyth and Russell Counties. Blacksburg, the New River Valley, and Roanoke can all be found within Black Diamond's borders.


As there is now an active Covid-19 case in the area, all in-person SCA activities are suspended. Please take all possible safety precautions. If you need more information on what steps and/or measures you should take in keeping you, your family and others safe, go to

In this time of self isolation and social distancing, remember that you do have the ability to interact thru phone and computer. There are many avenues available to communicate with other people. Many are just a phone call away, others you can reach thru Facebook, Skype, gaming servers, Go To Meeting, and more.

On the Black Diamond Facebook page, there will be a post for a Black Diamond Discord group where you can use video and audio to chat with other people about all things SCA. Do not feel lost or left out, go online, join the chat groups out there and communicate with others. We will get thru this crisis with everyone's help and cooperation.

Here is the link for the Black Diamond Discord group:

The FB post will explain more about the group, its use and rules.

Our Events

The Barony holds several events each year within the Barony's borders. If you are new to the SCA and would like to experience what we do, we welcome you to come join us during any of these events! Check out these links to get more information about the events. If the information on the page is for a past event, simply check back closer to the date of the event for updated page.
Ice Castles: held in late January
Assessment: held in early July
Bacchus: held in late September