Clash with Bacchus

September 28-29, 2019, Barony of Black Diamond


Bacchus is known among men as the god of wine and revelry. Come celebrate the harvest and all things fermented - wine, mead, beer, cheese and more!

The Barony of Black Diamond and the Canton of Seven Hills invite you to a showcasing of brewing, feasting and fun. Display your fabulous fermented foods and beverages, sample the work of others, patronize the talented local commercial brewers and come ready to have a good time!

There will be a brewing competition, A&S challenges, thrown weapons and archery shoots, rapier and armored combat, all with a focus on spectator enjoyment and participation. After a Tavern-style supper, a Crested Helm Tourney, with boffer weapons, will be open to all challengers. Traditional tavern games, dancing, and singing will follow. Bring your favorite beverage to drink at the Tavern bar. Hot Cocoa, Coffee and Tea will be provided.

At Troll, you will receive a bag of betting coins and you are encouraged to wager, tip and haggle with them throughout the event.

Camping on Saturday night is encouraged for those who partake.

Don’t forget to make a Bacchus-themed boffer weapon and crest for the Tourney!

Merchanting Information: We are showcasing Meads and wines made by local commercial brewers. Please contact the Event Autocrat if you would like to be included.



7:00 am - Site open
10:00 am - A&S Drop Off Starts
11:00 am - Martial Activities Start
7:00 pm - Tavern Begins: We will hold a boffer weapon crested helm tourney during the evening tavern. It is open to all that wish to participates. Helms and weapons will be provided for those that need them. Bonus points to those that bring their own.

2:00 pm - Site Closes


Heavy and Rapier Fighting competitions with a focus on Spectator amusement and fighter enjoyment!


Armored Marchal in Charge: Allison of Black Diamond

10:30 am - Authorizations and inspections
11:00 am - Baton game
12:30 pm - Barriers
2:00 pm - Combined battle with rapier


Rapier Marshal in Charge: Costanca Daguiar (

10:30 am - Authorizations and inspections
11:00 am - Bear Pit tournament. Join at any time during the hour
12:00 pm - First Blood tournament. Each fight is fought to first blood, with more points awarded for non-killing blows.
12:30 pm - Lunch Break
1:00 pm - Wining and Dining At Bacchus (melee scenarios):

1) The wine must be moved from the merchant wagon to the tavern. Teams have the opportunity to affect which tavern gets wine. Bring RBGs!
2) Tavern brawl

3:00 pm - Field opens for pickups


Archery Marshal in Charge: Imran Yosuf le Scorpioun

9:00 am - Range opens
9:15-10:00 am - Inspections
10:00-12:00 am - Wine Glass Shoot 20 yards, Hanging Stuffed Animals 20 and 30 yards (Possible Quintain Target), 2 Liter Bottle Shoot 20 yds {30 yards if there is a tie}
12:00-1:00 pm lunch break (approximate)
1:00-2:00 pm - Coral the Sheep (teams of two)
2:00-3:00 pm - Royal Rounds For Points (approximate)
3:00 pm - Range closes (depending on interest)

Note: There maybe a Combat Archery Target Practice. Loaner Gear possibly available.


Thrown weapons Marchal in Charge: Eadwyn Inhold

11:00 am - Range opens
1:00 pm - Range closes

Tavern themed shoots for Archery and Thrown weapons!


A&S Coordinator: Genevote la Feseress


Best boozy beverage! - Bring your brewed beverage, be it wine, beer, cider, cordial or something else brewed. Judges will taste, documentation of process and period is appreciated.

Tastiest Fermented Foodstuff! - What kind of delicious treat will you bring? Documentation or process and period appreciated.

Loveliest drinking vessel! - Documentation or pictorial evidence of vessel appreciated. Winner will be determined by popular vote.

Most Fantastic Cheese! - Process and documentation appreciated.


1:00-2:00 pm - Cordial Tasting with Her Excellency, Evelyn! Come and try to identify the main fruit ingredient.
2:00-3:00 pm - Brewer's Roundtable will be held in the pavilion at 2pm. Come show off and chat brewing with other brewers.

Fiber and scribal solar will be held in pavilion or indoors depending upon weather. Come work on a project and chat with other artists!

Staff & Reservations

Autocrat Information

Lord Stoffel die Wayer (Chris Eurice)
P.O. Box 1582
Amherst, VA 24521
(434) 485-1200

Head Troll: Laura Graley de la Moore


  Entry Fee Feast Camping
Adult $17 $8 free
Adult (/w Member discount) $12 $8 free
Youth (5-17) $5 $5 free
Child (Under 5) $0 $0 free

Please make checks out to SCA, Inc., Barony of Black Diamond. Reservations and/or inquiries should be sent to the autocrat.

Food Information


A charity lunch benefiting the Black Diamond Fighters in Roanoke will consist of:

Pork onion soup, Veggie pastries ( spinach and cheese), Vinegar dip, and bread
Sugared oranges, Cookies
Water / lemonade

Price will likely to be around $5 per serving


The evening meal will be served Tavern-style and will include gluten free options.
Please, bring your own feast gear if possible.
Menu will be a choice of following options:

#1. Fried Roots and Dormice with choice of 2 sauces
#2. Fried Roots and Dormice with a Roll with choice of 2 sauces and honey butter
#3. Fried Roots and 2 Rolls with choice of 2 sauces and honey butter
#4. Dormice and a Roll with honey butter
#5. Dormice with Sweet and Spicy Pea Stew with a Salat garnish of seasonal greens
#6. Dormice with Sweet and Spicy Pea Stew and a Roll with a Salat garnish of seasonal greens and honey butter
#7. Dormice with Sweet and Spicy Pea Stew, a Roll, and Fried Roots with a Salat garnish of seasonal greens, honey butter, and a choice of 2 sauces

(2 sauces: A brown sauce and a red sauce [period replacements for malt or ketchup])

Lenten (vegan) versions upon request

Dessert: Aliter Dulcia or a fruit

Questions about the meal can be sent to Head Cook, Mal Stenson (


Fried Root Vegetables: Parsnips, Turnips, Salt, Pepper, Canola Oil
Dormice (pan-seared sausage): Chicken, Sour grape juice, Garlic, White pepper, Sage, Almonds, Ginger, Salt, Olive oil
Lenten dormice (vegan dormice) Lentils, Sour grape juice, Garlic, White pepper, Sage, Almonds, Ginger, Salt, Olive oil
Sweet and Spicy Pea Stew (vegan): Peas, Leeks, Carrots, Onion, White wine, Dessert wine, Honey, Pepper, Garlic, Endive, Cumin, Tamari
Rolls (vegan, gluten free, AIP): Rice, Arrowroot, Chia, Flax, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Sesame, Yeast, Molasses, Olive oil, Salt
Aliter Dulcia (gluten free): Almond, Pepper, Honey, Endive, Dessert wine, Milk, Eggs, Pistachios, Orange, Flowers
Brown sauce (malt): gluten free bread, red wine vinegar, grape juice, black pepper, ginger
Red sauce (ketchup): carrot, beets, onion, honey, apple cider vinegar, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, alspice, clove

Site Information

Boonsboro Ruritan Club
1499 Coffee Road
Lynchburg, VA 24503

Site is "wet", meaning alcohol is allowed at the site by those who are legally allowed to consume it.


  • Make your best way to US-29 BUS S and US-501 NLynchburg Expy
    Get on US-29 BUS S
    Continue onto US-501 NLynchburg Expy (4.1 mi)
    Turn left onto Lynchburg ExpyNorthwest Expy (1.2 mi)
    Take the Wiggington Rd exit toward Peaks View Park (0.1 mi)
    Turn right onto Wiggington Rd (0.1 mi)
    Continue straight to stay on Wiggington Rd (2.6 mi)
    Turn right onto Hawkins Mill Rd (0.4 mi)
    Turn left onto State Rte 644 Coffee Rd (0.4 mi)
    Turn right onto Bradley L Gaertner Pl
    Destination will be on the right (299 ft)